Does your Handyman smell?

In the office the work attire may be a shirt and tie and maybe a jacket. Casual Friday might be a privilege. If someone isn’t following the rules or even worse, they smell of something unbearable to others there is a department to handle it called HR human resources.  What about for the handyman? Even though the handyman won’t get caught in a suit they still need to be clean and not smell. How do you handle it? They are representing you and your business. Your customers might be complaining if they know you well enough or worse, they stop hiring you for their work because they feel uncomfortable having that conversation.  Maybe it’s a cigarette smell like my experience, maybe it’s just plain body odor.  In any case how do you handle it. I asked my smoking employee to change clothes prior to going into the customer’s house.  There is a local plumber in my area that exploits the smell good aspect.  Is it ok to ask your handyman to smell better? I know it should be expected but people sometimes can’t smell themselves.  They are representing you so do you provide them with work clothes to insure they are clean. Maybe a bottle of cologne?  It might be funny but losing a customer because you or your worker smells isn’t funny at all.  The Handyman performs a lot of different types of jobs so not like a painter that one would expect to have paint on them. The handyman shouldn’t bring evidence of their prior job to the next one.  It’s very important to keep up a professional clean look when in the presence of your customer. Oh, and smelling good is always a plus. This is a conversation that you can have with your workers as they represent you.  Having that conversation during the hiring process is best and overlooked most of the time. Remember they can be the best and have the greatest personality but if they smell bad, they won’t have the chance for anyone to give them the chance to know it.

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