About The U.H.A

“Unite The Handyman Association”

    The U.H.A was founded in 2009 to help regulate and protect an industry that has been ignored and not given the respect it deserves. The handyman industry has been the fastest growing trade in the past ten years and is still not recognized as a legitimate trade.  In fact one of the main goals of most State Contractor Boards is to eliminate the Handyman all together forcing them to become contractors.  Our goal is to create a forum that all Handymen can come together as a group and be recognized.  We will help the Handyman structure their business, rather they already have a business or would like to start one.  Members will receive the tools to help them succeed in business.  This will also be a place that a consumer can come to search for a Certified Handyman with the piece of mind that the Handyman they hire will be held to a standard of excellence that is expected in the U.H.A. We offer background screenings of any home service professional. You never need to allow a stranger into your home again.   As a member the handyman will be given the opportunity to be part of a union that will fight for their rights to be heard and recognized as a trade no different from any other professional business.                                                                      

    The State Contractors Board uses the fact that most Handymen are not insured as one of the reasons to hire one of the Contractors they regulate. But in fact, if you were to pole anyone who has been burned by a contractor about what the SLB did for them the answer 100% of the time would be nothing.  In an effort to prove that our Certified Handymen are trustworthy the U.H.A is placing a guarantee on the use of our handymen.  If you register with the U.H.A and hire one of our Certified Handymen and they commit a fraudulent act toward you then we will pay you back for your loss.  In this economy Contractors are being forced to do Handyman work just to survive in business therefore putting themselves and the homeowner at risk due to the restrictions put on them by the State Contractors Board.  General Contractors must perform a minimum of two separate trades per job. 

    We at the U.H.A are fighting the system that may help the Contractor also. Who knows we may even be recruiting the Contractor to become a Certified Handyman, with all the resources we offer.  The U.H.A offers Business coaching to set up a proper business structure, Our Lawyers help with setting up the type of business you want rather it be Sole proprietor, LLC, S corp, C corp etc. Our Marketing Department helps you put your business on the map.  We offer a web page profile giving a new business instant web presence.  Businesses that have existing website will be provided a link to their existing site.   Customers will have access to a pdf copy of the Certified Handyman’s business license and Insurance through our site.  The U.H.A hopes to give peace of mind that the Handyman they are hiring is a trustworthy business. For the customer member we screen your handyman for free and offer screening services for all your service professionals. We offer useful resources to the handyman customer for full benefits please see customer memberships under the membership tab.


    The U.H.A offers all the tools needed to run a successful business and to help improve the quality of the industry. The Slogan “Excellence Expected” refers to what the customer can expect from the members of the U.H.A

Our Mission Statement

    The Mission of the UHA is to be an association for all handymen to come together for a common goal. We will strive for an improved industry and a better life for the handyman through persistence and strength together. We strive to certify all handymen that consider themselves to be a true business and is in pursuit of more for himself and for the industry in a whole. We offer all the tools needed to start and to run a successful business with proven success. We vow to leave no deserving handyman behind and will include every handyman without prejudice regardless of ability to pay. We vow to report on all handyman businesses equally and without prejudice to maintain an ethical and unbiased  organization.

Here is a list of services we offer you as a member.

  1. Advocacy
  2. Business Start Up Assistance
  3. Business Coaching and Resources 
  4. Verification
  5. Certification
  6. Customer referals
  7. National Verified List
  8. Networking opportunities 
  9. Collections/Mediation
  10. Web-Hosting and initial webpage
  11. UHA web verification page for verified and certified members
  12. $5k guarantee for your customers standing behind certified members
  13. Website and print member logos for promotion
  14. Certified member vehicle sticker and Certified Certificate.
  15. Free Subscription to Family Handyman Magazine

    As you can see we are working hard for our members and constantly looking for new ways to help your business.

Join or upgrade your membership and start taking advantage of what we can do for you.


 Check this link out to see the fees a Licensed Contractor pays http://www.cslb.ca.gov/generalinformation/library/fees.asp

California General Contractor requirements that can make it illegal to do some handyman work. What every home owner should know!



Certified License Guarantee If a service professional certified by the UHA fails to complete the job they are paid for, we will pay you (the customer) back up to $5000 for your loss. (See fraud protection for details)

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