• Q. Why should I get Certified?
  • A. When a Service Business is Certified it gives the Customer the added sense of security that an Organization stands behind you.
  • Q. Why the UHA?
  • A. The UHA is more than an Association taking from the Members. We offer countless benefits to our Members making your Membership the most valuable tool for your business.
  • Q. Are the Membership dues a tax write off?
  • A. Yes because we offer business tools for your business to improve. The fees can be a Tax write off. Please check with your Tax Professional.
  • Q. Do you have an affiliate program?
  • A. Yes we have an excellent affiliate program that pays well.
  • Q. Can I get work referrals from the UHA?
  • Yes, However we are not a referral service. The referrals are a bi product of our system but no guarantee of work is offered. However the added exposure is sure to increase you ability to get more business.
  • Q. Can I get better Insurance rates if I’m a Member of the UHA?
  • A. Yes, We have a handyman insurance program that is the lowest in the industry.
  • Q. Does the UHA cover me or my business?
  • A. The Membership covers you and your business. The UHA Certifies that your business is an entity that can be trusted.
  • Q. Are there any guarantees for the Customer?
  • A. Yes, we offer a fraud protection guarantee If anyone registers with us and hires any Handyman we Certify.
  • Q. Does the UHA offer Memberships for any other Home Service Professionals?
  • A. No, but we do offer a Service Professional screening and Certification service for the Homeowner.

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