Handyman Memberships

Register your handyman business for free.

This is a membership for Handymen only.
Business memberships are for the handyman company.  Individual handyman memberships cover the individual not the business.  Businesses wanting to screen and certify their employees or sub contractors can do this with individual memberships. An individual handyman is given a profile page personalized with their picture and work info.  Similar to an online resume. 
Become a member and get certified.

Certify your handyman employees or sub contractors with individual memberships.  Your customers can go on their profiles and view their picture and qualifications and confirm that they are certified prior to them showing up for the job.

Here is a list of services we offer you as a member.

  1. Advocacy
  2. Business Start Up Assistance
  3. Business Coaching and Resources
  4. Verification
  5. Certification
  6. Customer referals
  7. National Verified List
  8. Networking opportunities
  9. Collections/Mediation
  10. Web-Hosting and initial webpage
  11. UHA web verification page for verified and certified members
  12. $5k guarantee for your customers standing behind certified members
  13. Website and print member logos for promotion
  14. Certified member vehicle sticker and Certified Certificate.
  15. Free Subscription to Family Handyman Magazine

As you can see we are working hard for our members and constantly looking for new ways to help your business.

Join or upgrade your membership and start taking advantage of what we can do for you.


Handyman business and individual memberships available.

Registered Handyman Membership ($50 per year)

  • Registered Business Logo
  • Facebook member group
  • Information and resources
  • Registers your business on the National Verified Handyman Registry as registered.
  • Discounted Web-Hosting $50 value


Verified Handyman Membership ($99.00 per year)

  •  Extended online profile page
  • Business document verification
  • Use of Membership Logos online or print.
  • Link to profile from your website
  • Searchable business on our website
  • Collection Service (Additional fee)
  • Business set up help.
  • Discounted Business coaching
  • Facebook Member group
  • Registers your business on the National Verified Handyman Registry as Verified.
  • Discounted Web-Hosting $99 value

Certified Handyman Membership ($15O per year)

  • Includes Verified Membership $50 Dues
  • Online expanded business profile
  • Vehicle sticker
  • Certificate for office
  • Fraud protection eligible with minimum 3 years in business
  • Customer dispute mediation (One occurrence per year)
  • Collection service
  • Use of company name and logos
  • Discounts on business marketing services
  • Business support system
  • Zoom Business Coaching (one hour included)
  • Your Logo or picture on your profile page.
  • Registers your business on the National Verified Handyman Registry as Certified with link to your UHA verification page and your website to direct customers.
  • Free Web-Hosting for Certified Members $179.88 value

Become a Member today


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