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    One of the most common questions we receive asks for a comparison of the UHA (NAHP) and ACHP.  Not only do Handymen need to be informed of the difference, but our customers should also be informed as well.  So, I decided that I will place an article on our website and do a video on the topic. No different than when I used to post all of my competitors handyman rates and services on my handyman website to show how superior I was.

     Here is a breakdown of some of the differences.  Keep in mind I have always supported becoming a member of both and any association to promote your business.  This is simply to inform about what you can expect when deciding which handyman association to join or both to support and promote your business.  Situations constantly change so I urge you to do your own checking to make sure the information is correct at the time of your consideration.

This is a breakdown of some of the differences.  If you want your Certification and membership to matter and be a reflection on your business your customers can appreciate, then the UHA is the association you want to be certified with.  Any Corporate businessman can open an association, but they can’t buy you or the experience that comes along with being a Handyman in the industry they are trying to represent.  I have been fighting for the Handyman since the eighties when I was fighting to have Insurance available. Then again in 2002 lobbying state with Regulate Don’t Eliminate to stop State Contractor Boards from holding handyman stings forcing them to become a licensed contractor.  In 2002 the research and groundwork began to create a trade Association capable of change.  The association was started to bring all handymen together to fight for what we believe in. A Trade Association Built by A Handyman to Serve the Handyman.

Flash Shelton your UHA founder and Handyman

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