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Registered, Accredited and Certified Memberships       One of the most common questions we receive asks for a comparison of the UHA (NAHP) and ACHP.  Not only [..]

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A Certified Life!

Being certified and Licensed by the UHA means more then taking a simple test and paying a fee.  The UHA Certified License is only given to businesses that [..]


Don’t fall for a Handyman Certification scam!

There are a few places popping up offering a Handyman Certification.  Taking your money and banking on you continuing to do what Handymen have been known for in [..]

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Making a change together with Certification

In 2019 the CSLB organized a campaign to introduce a bill that would increase the California limits from $500 to $1000. This potential bill met with resistance because [..]

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Handyman Business Or Hobby?

Are you building a Handyman Business or Hobby?   If what you do is just a hobby and you work for a few friends with no future goals [..]

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Free Website Hosting For Handymen

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Why we don’t offer a lifetime membership.

Why don’t we offer a lifetime membership? Because things are constantly changing. A business that can pass a background screening or be worthy of being a UHA member [..]

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Service Trade Association Benefits

WHY JOIN A TRADE ASSOCIATION? When you work in a service industry, you need a reliable way to make and maintain contacts, keep yourself up to date on the [..]

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What you should know about how to structure an Independent Contractor.

Hi Handyman lets break down the independent contractor structure. It’s pretty clear when you dive into it. How to make sure you classify your independent contractor employees correctly [..]

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Invest in your business to create success.

Greeting’s members, Investing in you, life and your business pays off in success! If you know what Doge means, then you are probably playing around with the latest [..]

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