Handyman Business Or Hobby?

Are you building a Handyman Business or Hobby?

  If what you do is just a hobby and you work for a few friends with no future goals just enjoying what you do then that’s great. You don’t need insurance because your friends don’t care.

   You don’t need any type of business. License since it’s a cash deal or a case a beer and a pat on the back. You don’t need any type of screening or certificate because you are working for the same people you probably hang out with.

   You don’t need structure or an association backing since you have nothing of value besides your own skills. You don’t intend on building a business with resale value or the ability to pass on an asset to a family member maybe a son. Hobbies are good to have and if you can make some money at it that could be a good life. Enjoy that.

   But if you are interested in any of the other things like calling it a business and being recognized as one then the UHA Certified Business Program is the quickest way to get there.

   Being certified not only lists you as a recognized business Nationwide but you receive services that save you money on your other business expenses. The free webhosting  by itself saves you more then the Certified membership cost.

   Your customers will know you have passed a background screening, recommended by your customers, passed an ethics, Law and skills exam and that being certified guarantees their financial investment in you and their project up to $5,000.

The cost to be certified is low and the benefits are high.

For more information visit our site or contact us at info@theuha.net

Become certified at https://unitedhandymanassociation.org

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