Making a change together with Certification

In 2019 the CSLB organized a campaign to introduce a bill that would increase the California limits from $500 to $1000. This potential bill met with resistance because law makers weren’t willing to increase value and encourage businesses that aren’t governed and with no requirement of lic and insurance so the bill was never formed. In 2020 we introduce a petition to raise limits to $2500.  We got the attention of the CSLB who acknowledged their support for handyman rights and the work the UHA is doing to certify businesses and especially the background checks.  We also are providing the answer to their resistance offering a certified handyman license requiring insurance and business license will go a long way to help with getting a bill to pass legislation. We are using California as a catapult to make changes in every state and we are spending time building relationships in every state and so far we have met with great support.

When this happens being UHA Certified may be a requirement as we are the only association offering a certified license program. In the mean time our certification is creating lax enforcement. Certified members are taught how to conduct business in their state legally and within boundaries.  Making more money and taking on more jobs with less enforcement of the strict laws for UHA certified members is making a difference.
State agencies like the CSLB are not allowed to publicly endorse the UHA because we are considered a private organization but since we are screening and monitoring the busineses they are trying to license we have their respect. We are able to do what they are not.  Being private we can run a background on any person without consent.  So if your business has been screened, passed a test and you have current insurance and business license you are showing them you are acting as a responsible business owner and will have at the very least leniency when you have your trade association in your corner.

Our random screening process and MyHome program has found numerous amounts of sex offenders and felons working as handymen without customer knowledge and consent.
It is our mission to increase awareness and safety.  Every homeowner should have the ability to know who they hire and make their own informed decision.  Being registered and placed on our National Registered Handyman Registry will help with information being available.

Now is the time to become certified and show your support for change. The more certified members we can show in each state will be the fuel we need to find the support we need to pass new bills to change your local laws.

If you are a certified member then make sure you complete the process to be certified and make sure you keep your insurance up to date in our system.
If you are a member then upgrade to become certified in your member area.
If you are not a member become certified at

Lets get you certified, increase value, show logo and support change for a better industry.  It’s very low cost means the benefits are higher.

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Handyman Business Or Hobby?

Are you building a Handyman Business or Hobby?

  If what you do is just a hobby and you work for a few friends with no future goals just enjoying what you do then that’s great. You don’t need insurance because your friends don’t care.

   You don’t need any type of business. License since it’s a cash deal or a case a beer and a pat on the back. You don’t need any type of screening or certificate because you are working for the same people you probably hang out with.

   You don’t need structure or an association backing since you have nothing of value besides your own skills. You don’t intend on building a business with resale value or the ability to pass on an asset to a family member maybe a son. Hobbies are good to have and if you can make some money at it that could be a good life. Enjoy that.

   But if you are interested in any of the other things like calling it a business and being recognized as one then the UHA Certified Business Program is the quickest way to get there.

   Being certified not only lists you as a recognized business Nationwide but you receive services that save you money on your other business expenses. The free webhosting  by itself saves you more then the Certified membership cost.

   Your customers will know you have passed a background screening, recommended by your customers, passed an ethics, Law and skills exam and that being certified guarantees their financial investment in you and their project up to $5,000.

The cost to be certified is low and the benefits are high.

For more information visit our site or contact us at

Become certified at

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Free Website Hosting For Handymen

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Why we don’t offer a lifetime membership.

Why don’t we offer a lifetime membership?

Because things are constantly changing. A business that can pass a background screening or be worthy of being a UHA member could change year to year.  Offering a membership and simply being able to say you are certified is worth nothing.  If you give nothing you get nothing. Think about it if you can simply pay a few hundred dollars and be able to say you are certified offers nothing but a name to call yourself. What does the customer get other then a fast talking salesman?

We offer a certification you have to earn, and in response we stand behind you and guarantee your customers that you are safe ethical and knowledgable. We offer you business resources and  even more we offer to pay your customer back if it goes wrong.

So I ask again what is being certified for life offering you or your customers?

Absolutely nothing!
Have you wasted your money becoming certified for life somewhere?  Are you telling your customers you are a certified handyman?

When they ask what does that mean, what do you tell them?

We screen our certified and verified members randomly and every year before offering a renewal. In turn we stand by them and fight for them.

Occasionally I have a customer try to file a claim to get up to $5k back as promised by the UHA. So far they all have not been certified by us.  So I have to tell them “I’m sorry but they are not UHA certified.
A  UHA Certification is so valuable if you utilize the benefits.


Happy Home Repairs

Flash Shelton

The UHA Team

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Service Trade Association Benefits


When you work in a service industry, you need a reliable way to make and maintain contacts, keep yourself up to date on the latest news, developments and regulations, and build your business’s reputation in the industry and the community.

Joining a trade organization is an excellent way to accomplish all those goals. Membership in a trade organization opens many doors to networking, professional development, industry insight and boosted visibility for your company.


A trade association is an organization founded and operated by businesses in a specific field, such as the American Meteorological Society or the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. There are trade organizations for all types of businesses, from accountants and bulk bag manufacturers to dairy farmers, recycling companies and veterinarians. Trade organizations often focus on promoting collaborative opportunities between companies and facilitating professional development through conferences and seminars to further the industry.

Trade associations are sometimes local or regional, focusing on the industry issues affecting a particular region. Often, though, they are national associations, with well-organized national bodies providing leadership, guidance and opportunities for local businesses. .

Trade organizations also often focus on publishing materials, both on the internet and in printed form:

  • Association websites: Official trade association websites provide general information about the industry to members of the public, and they offer a convenient, centralized place where industry members can go for more specific information. The website can also promote conferences, host resources and spotlight member businesses to increase their visibility.
  • Association publications: Newsletters and magazines for organization members are useful for providing industry updates, informing members about new standards or regulations and allowing experts to give their opinions on hot industry topics.
  • Membership directories: Membership directories are useful networking and educational resources for both members and outsiders like regulators and lawmakers.
  • Professional resources: In some fields, trade organizations may publish professional resources to guide processes and techniques in a particular industry and keep everyone in the field upholding the same standards.


Joining a trade association is a great idea for a few different reasons:


Membership in a trade association is likely to require annual fees. But you can quickly recoup that money in the tools and knowledge you gain. Trade associations provide valuable information like market analyses, professional development and factual resources to help you boost performance and trim costs. A trade organization may also help you gain access to the newest technology and equipment for more efficient and economical processes. Certifications and Education will increase business value.


Especially if your business is part of a tightly regulated industry, a trade association can offer advice on how to remain in compliance. A good trade association keeps abreast of regulatory rulings and updates and can provide point-by-point explanations of the compliance requirements. Best of all, this information may be free to members, even though otherwise, the necessary information may cost you time and money.


Trade organizations are well known for hosting conferences and other professional development events where members can increase their knowledge and hone their skills. The networking opportunities that trade associations afford also allow for ongoing, informal learning through conversations with others.


Being part of a trade organization helps reinforce your industry’s best practices. Especially if you’re new to the business, attending trade organization events can help get you onto the same page with your colleagues. And even if your company has been an industry leader for a while, trade organization events and publications can help corroborate or expand on what you’re already doing.


So why join a trade association? Joining a trade association provides enormous benefits for your professional and even personal growth:


Joining a trade association offers excellent networking opportunities. By attending professional networking conferences or Zoom meetings you can make business connections and increase the number of people you can call on for advice.


A trade association allows for a lively exchange of ideas between members with different strengths and perspectives. The education and research you can access through a trade association will make you better at what you do. Through exchanging ideas with others, you can gain exposure to new approaches, learn about new technologies and marketing strategies and impart your wisdom to others.


When you join a trade association, you’ll gain the backing of an experienced, established organization that can promote your business. You’ll also gain access to people who can advocate for laws and regulations that are fair to and support your industry.


Becoming involved with a trade association helps boost your reputation in your industry. Having your name in an official directory or bearing a recognized group’s name on your card provides evidence of your professionalism and commitment. Long-term membership in a trade organization also signals your extensive knowledge of industry best practices and regulatory compliance.


Joining a trade association is also fun! Spending time with others who have common goals can lead you to some of your best and most enduring friendships. And having strong industry friendships can also deepen your connection to and investment in your work.


Trade organizations typically have a few different purposes geared toward business development and business-to-business relationships. Their overarching goal is likely to be promoting and improving the industry and offering opportunities for engagement and growth. These goals may break down into several specific objectives:

  • Promoting industrial and commercial opportunities within the field
  • Promoting education through coaching and publications
  • Developing public relations through methods like advertising and publishing
  • Providing professional development to enhance the industry overall
  • Giving members a platform for expressing their views
  • Providing networking opportunities and avenues for collaboration within the industry


To see the benefits of networking with other professionals in the handyman industry become a member and join the member only FaceBook group to network and share ideas.. We also offer an extensive array of support to help our members grow, gain certifications and improve their business skills.

Become a member today and start making a difference!


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What you should know about how to structure an Independent Contractor.

Hi Handyman lets break down the independent contractor structure. It’s pretty clear when you dive into it.

How to make sure you classify your independent contractor employees correctly is based on a few different easy things. If you don’t follow these practices, you will open yourself up to penalties and fines by the IRS not to mention be liable for worker’s compensation and other benefits that you are trying to avoid.

  1. They make their own hours. I use an online scheduling program that allows them to choose when they are available for work.
  2. They decide how they do the job. You are hiring qualified professionals that should know how to do the job on their own. Or at least if you are asked you say they work on their own.
  3. They sign an independent contractor agreement agreeing to the terms and rate of pay you set also acknowledging that they are an independent business responsible for their own insurance releasing you as an employer. (Agreement can be found in your UHA member area documents.)
  4. Having them obtain a business license also helps but not required if they belong to an association or union to show freelance independent of you. I have all of my contractors join the UHA and become verified. Another way of showing they are their own business getting independently screened. It also provides a link with their skills and photo I can send to clients prior to their arrival.
  5. I also make it clear to them that if they aren’t going to cover themselves with worker’s compensation then if they get hurt, I am not liable for them per the agreement. You can choose to force them to have their own liability Insurance. When I have done that in the past, I just pay them a little more to cover it, but my name isn’t attached.
  6. Have them fill out a W9 (found in your UHA member area)
  7. When you file your taxes claim that expense properly to get the benefit of the full write off for all payments made. (Consult your accountant for classification)
  8. Owns his own tools.
  9. Has the freedom to do other same type jobs on his own.
  10. Make sure you have complete and upfront communication with them. They need to be clear about everything including their own responsibilities for taxes and they will be given a 1099 without any withholdings by you.

Follow these guidelines and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Happy Home Repairs


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Invest in your business to create success.

Greeting’s members,

Investing in you, life and your business pays off in success!

If you know what Doge means, then you are probably playing around with the latest trend of crypto currency. I have to admit I am having some fun with it. I didn’t take it seriously and had $1.89 left in my virtual wallet so I bought shares of Doge. That $1.89 is now around $1200.

   Anyway, I wish I took it seriously just like taking your business investing seriously. Investing is always risky, but the challenge is spreading your risk and putting yourself in a position to gain.

   That’s exactly what the UHA membership can do for you. Put yourself in a position to be less of a risk for your clients to invest in you. I bet you didn’t expect me to turn it around like that. We are also a very low risk for you because you have all the control of what you get out of your UHA certification. You control everything from joining to increasing business based on how you utilize your membership and networking opportunities. If you could find a stock that you could control like that it would be a sure thing.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in you, invest in your business and become UHA certified and remove your customers risk in investing in you.

Looking forward helping you get certified.

Flash Shelton


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Business Coaching Sessions Available


The U.H.A offers Zoom/phone service business coaching. We help you set up a business structure to succeed. Rather you are just starting out in the industry, or you have been in business for years we are sure to help you succeed and increase your business. We care about our members; your success is our future.

Business Coaching includes 1hr Zoom session.

  • Choose on Zoom or over the phone.
  • Copy of Zoom for your convenience.
  • Starts with learning about your business and goals.
  • Tailored to your business and area.  Local Laws and Regulations.
  • How to obtain a business License.
  • Filing a fictitious name statement.
  • Finding the best insurance and how to apply.
  • Discuss business structure.
  • Marketing suggestions.
  • Internet coaching.
  • Business approach.
  • Knowing your market.
  • Setting realistic goals.
  • Business resource links to fit your needs.
  • Answering your questions and follow up research to give you everything you need to succeed.
  • How to benefit and make the most out of your UHA membership.

We give you the resources you need to set up a properly structured business and the support you need to be successful.

Must be a registered member to schedule $125 for 1hr session

Dues paying members save $25

Certified Members receive 1hr session for free as part of their membership.

Sign up in your members area under products and memberships.

Register for free under the memberships tab then schedule in your new member area.

Happy Home Repairs


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Association Built For Its Members

To all Handymen,

The UHA is an association that is supposed to be for its members. Built and ran by members. I’ve been mentioning a new member only Facebook group and I feel it’s important to let you know the reason the group is important for members to join. A member is a dues paying member.
This month is our 10-year anniversary and up until now it has been mostly all me. (Flash) I’m just like you. I am a handyman. Started my business at 16. Through trial and error, I learned along the way and developed a system for success. I started the association as a way to give back to an industry that I have benefitted from. Up to date I have built everything myself to keep costs down. I built the website, member program integration, advertising, you name it I have been busy.  All while still running my handyman business. I committed to building the association as a volunteer and as of this date I have put 100% of the profits back into the association. Plus, my own money at times to pay for advertising campaigns, YouTube, background screenings, office staff, all of the regular business stuff and decisions all me.
Is the association a perfect science? No. Can I please everyone? No.
I’m reaching out because the idea of building a handyman association was never about me it was about you the members the handymen that have the same challenges and goals that we all go through together separately. Starting the member only group is a way for me to make it about the members as intended. An association member built and member run. If you want the most out of your association, get involved. Help with ideas and have input on direction. Help others with your experience. Share your challenges. Use the association as a way to build a better future for yourself, your peers and your industry.
I can’t do it alone. I hear appreciation, I hear dissatisfaction, I hear it’s great for my business, I hear I don’t see benefit. So, I’m saying get involved and take ownership and get out of the association what you put into it. Most join and do nothing to promote the association involvement for their business and expect it to magically help them. Associations and networking groups aren’t a magic pill you take and become successful. A trade association is only successful with numbers and strength. We can only make a difference together. Remember I tried myself with a group of attorneys to make changes in California. Quickly being shut down and shut out prompted the birth of the UHA.
So, you want to make a difference and build an association that represents your best interests then speak up get involved and help build, promote and be proud to be a handyman.
Pay your dues and join our member only group

Flash Shelton

UHA founder and handyman

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Working as a handyman. Contracting without a license $500 Limit? Is it a Law or Implied? Where?

According to the CSLB in the state of California an Unlicensed Contractor can perform as a Contractor on a job up to $500 without requiring a license. We are looking deeper into this because the law seems to be implied and there are many who can’t find the information, they need to properly understand their limitations. Handyman stings are popping up all over and skilled professionals trying to make an honest living are being prosecuted or forced to become a licensed contractor based on a regulation that seems to be so vague or non-existent. Maybe it exists but it is not easily found.

The facts are at the state level there is a law Code 7031a that states a license is required for any job requiring one. But it doesn’t mention the $500 limit anywhere. It does refer to the CSLB which says no particular job requires a license but implies and posts articles about a $500 rule. No actual laws or codes can be found with a mention of a $500 limit.

This being said, the fact is, there may be a law or code out there, but it is not readily available doing a simple search. Shouldn’t an individual have all the information easily found before being prosecuted for a crime that could have been prevented by simple knowledge?  All it would take is placement of an actual law, regulation or code. If one doesn’t exist, then it should be written and placed.


If you are a handyman caught in a sting then you have plausible defense based on lack of education, you are not a Contractor, you did not enter into a contract. You have the right to work and use your skills to make a living. It is the CSLB’s obligation to educate you and make any regulation searchable by anyone regardless of education. Law must be official and not implied or just simply mentioned in an article or 3rd party post.


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