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What you should know about how to structure an Independent Contractor.

Hi Handyman lets break down the independent contractor structure. It’s pretty clear when you dive into it. How to make sure you classify your independent contractor employees correctly [..]

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Invest in your business to create success.

Greeting’s members, Investing in you, life and your business pays off in success! If you know what Doge means, then you are probably playing around with the latest [..]

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Business Coaching Sessions Available

Edit The U.H.A offers Zoom/phone service business coaching. We help you set up a business structure to succeed. Rather you are just starting out in the industry, or [..]

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Association Built For Its Members

To all Handymen, The UHA is an association that is supposed to be for its members. Built and ran by members. I’ve been mentioning a new member only [..]

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Working as a handyman. Contracting without a license $500 Limit? Is it a Law or Implied? Where?

According to the CSLB in the state of California an Unlicensed Contractor can perform as a Contractor on a job up to $500 without requiring a license. We [..]

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10 Reasons why The UHA

10 Reasons why and what you should be taking advantage of as a UHA Member.   UHA membership dues includes A searchable webpage and enrolled in our handyman [..]

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No Business in Business

It amazes me how many people I talk to or sign up with the UHA that claim to have been in business for 10-15 years and have no [..]

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Employee vs Independent Contractor

Hello Handyman,   While running our businesses we come across many decisions that could make or break our business. One of those decisions we have to make is [..]

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“The Dailey Drive with Flash “Handyman” The greatest job for a skilled craftsman is a handyman. Enough variety that it’s never a boring job. Enough reward that you [..]


Are you qualified to be a certified handyman?

There are a lot of reasons a person chooses to be a handyman instead of a contractor. Sometimes it’s because they can’t be a contractor. Why do you [..]