Don’t fall for a Handyman Certification scam!

There are a few places popping up offering a Handyman Certification.  Taking your money and banking on you continuing to do what Handymen have been known for in the past, cutting corners and avoiding regulation.  One association has a small exam making you feel like you earned something and then even offering a lifetime option with no screening to make sure you even have a business, not to mention legally allowed to work as a handyman in a home around children etc. You taking a knowledge test can be a way of saying you are certified as a skilled handyman but in no way is it a business certification.

There are some other options offering a 6 week program or a test to be certified but they also are only able to certify you as an individual not your business.  Putting a Certification Logo on your business website or claiming to be a Certified Handyman is a form of fraud and deception toward your potential customers if not certified properly.  I’ve said it before the UHA Certification is the only recognized and legitimate Handyman Business Certification covering both the business and business owner.  This is why it has to be renewed each year and not every Handyman is able to be certified.

When a Customer hears you are a Certified Handyman they should feel confident that it means you are qualified in every way to be working for them in their home. I am not saying the UHA/ National Association of Handymen is the only association you should belong to but currently we are the only association that is Certifying Handyman Businesses legally and ethically.  Https://   The UHA is the only Handyman Built and Handyman run trade association.  We know everything about the trade and trends with Industry experience since 1983.  Here is a link to my video about why safety through certification is our number one priority.

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