Three minus Two equals YOU

When a homeowner is considering a new project or hiring a new handyman, they typically interview at least 3 different people/businesses. Your goal is to be the last one left. 3-2= you.

What makes you, their choice?  What do you have that sets your above your completion?

The customer has their own expectations of what they are looking for. Who represents themselves best, who is qualified for the job? Maybe asking for references tells you that they want assurance of your quality and honesty. Sometimes it comes down to who is the cheapest or the rule of thumb being the middle quote.

Imagine this: Put yourself in their position and you are interviewing handymen.  A professional that you know is not regulated and all you have is your gut.  A feeling of who is going to not rip me off or even worse be a threat to me or my family. Do you need to lock your valuables up and never leave them alone?  These are the things that people think about.  If you’ve ever hired someone to work for you then you know what this business brings to the table and the risk factor.  Now back to you interviewing 3 handymen. They are all nice, they all say I have insurance and references. But one of them says I’m certified by the UHA and have passed a background.  I am certified and backed by a $5,000 guarantee that if you pay me money, I will perform the job that we agree on or the UHA will pay you back for your loss. Now you have an independent association standing behind one handyman that will also handle any future possible dispute between you and the UHA certified handyman at no cost to you the customer. All things being equal, who do you hire? No cost or additional fees to your new customer.  All they get is a guarantee and peace of mind that you are the one for the job. 3-2= YOU.

How many customers can you afford to lose? Better yet, how many can you afford to gain?

Become a certified Handyman today and start utilizing the tools available to you now as a quality handyman.

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