Tips for taking advantage of your handyman association membership

Belonging to a business networking group or an association for handymen isn’t enough by itself. More often than not handymen are joining groups paying their hard-earned money and then forgetting about it. You need to treat it just like a baby, take care of it, give it attention and nurture it to help it grow so that your association can then help you grow. Let’s face it nothing is instant without hard work and perseverance. Your goal should be future not just today. You join an association for what it can bring you tomorrow. If you are lucky enough to be part of an association that will certify you and your skills, then you should be yelling from the roof tops. Because you are a limited few in this business that is capable of such an honor. The rest just answer a few questions and pay a few dollars and Walla they’re certified.  There is a reason some people become handymen when they can’t get hired at the nearest Home Depot.  Is that you or are you the guy who said I have a skill and I’m going to use it and start a business? Below are a few examples of how you can make the most of your membership.


UHA membership checklist to get the most out of an association for handymen.


1.       Become an association member.

2.       Become a certified member. (optional)

3.       Provide your information to complete your online profile and get verified.

4.       Complete certification process for your business.

5.       Complete skill certifications only available from the UHA.

6.       Display association member or certified membership logo on website, vehicles, invoices and business cards.

7.       Install link to your association page from your website.

8.       Need website/hosting? Sign up for your free webhosting with your certified membership or low cost without.

9.       Business coaching- call or email to schedule your 1 hour one on one business coaching included with certified membership.

10.   Need Insurance? – use resources on your member page to find low-cost insurance.

11.    Utilize the UHA as a resource for any business questions or needs throughout the year.

12.   Fraud protection- Be sure to tell your potential customers that your business is supported by a $5000 guarantee from the UHA.

13.   Having trouble getting paid? The UHA works for you to mediate and facilitate payment.

14.    Need help setting up a business? Become a member and we will walk you through the process.

15.   Marketing help also provided as part of coaching. Discounted help also provided by one of our marketers.

16.   Just utilize your membership fully and you will benefit immensely.

17.   Don’t be one of the companies that becomes a member and never does anything with it and wonders why there was no benefit.


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