Looking for a Handyman?


Let’s make the process simple. Go to www.theuha.net and search your zip code or handyman in the upper right-hand corner. If you don’t find one near you then we will help you find one. Already have a handyman then we will screen him for you anonymously. Through our MyHome program we screen your unregulated Handyman to make sure he is safe to be in your home and qualified for your job. We verify that he has the business documents required to run a business. We check and verify that he has and maintains Insurance. We are all business so you can be relaxed and have the more personal relationship you enjoy with your handyman.

Remember that when you hear about something bad happening involving a handyman there are always several customers on the sidelines talking about how they trusted him and never would have thought this could happen. You only know what he tells you. Licensed Contractors go through a vetting process. Now the handyman can too but because they aren’t required by city or state, they need to be required by you the customer.

Join MyHome and let us screen your handyman and we will make sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.

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