Are you qualified to be a certified handyman?

There are a lot of reasons a person chooses to be a handyman instead of a contractor. Sometimes it’s because they can’t be a contractor. Why do you think it should be any easier to become a certified handyman? There is a reason some people have lowered their expectations when they hire you but it’s wrong but only if you deserve the expectations of a quality certified handyman. It’s not about paying a fee. Not every handyman even qualifies or deserves to be certified. It’s not about taking a little test and paying a fee that makes you certified. You can find that easy and probably wouldn’t be hard to find someone to take your money. The contractor has to go through a process and prove experience. Pass a screening and put in the work.  If you want to be respected as a certified handyman then it should be something you have to work for. Then there is the value of the certificate. Not the money value but the return you get from the hard work. Does your certificate work for you? Who backs your certified status? Without that it means nothing. You can make the certificate at home for a couple bucks. I’ve talked to a lot of guys who signed up for an association and paid their $50 took a little test and now advertise that they are certified. But when you ask them what that means they don’t have the answer because there isn’t one. It means nothing. Yes, it was cheap, and it sounds good to say I’m a member and I’m certified. Some even have a logo that says I’m a lifetime certified member. That’s even worse. So, you can be a horrible handyman and commit fraud and all other types of bad stuff, but you are certified for life. Really?!!  The guy that took your money. Was he a handyman or a businessman? What goods are you now selling to your clients? Being certified is a privilege and who is giving it out needs to make it valuable. Stand behind the certificate to make it worth working for. Does the state do that? Well, kind of if you have a problem, they will intervene, but your money is lost. The UHA does that and more. Lower standards for the handyman! That bull s**t! The handyman is the one stop shop. One phone call saves you time and money. The handyman should have to work up to expectations but the only way the expectations go up is if you deserve them. Certify your business and deserve your customer’s respect. Are you just starting out? Then register and become a member of the UHA and tell us how we can help you.  We don’t succeed until you do.



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