Insurance or no insurance? A handyman’s struggle


In an industry that has little recognition and no regulations or expectations other than dollar amounts it is far too easy for the handyman to get caught without insurance.  When starting a business it is normal to try to keep your over head down.  Since the handyman doesn’t have to show proof of insurance to anyone or organization than it naturally becomes one of the options in the beginning to cut costs.   As the business grows you would think that any respectable business would carry insurance but the fact is that most handyman businesses are uninsured. Why is this?  We’ll the truth is that most people when asked about insurance their response is overwhelmingly negative, rather its health, automotive or home. If it wasn’t required by a DMV or Mortgage company then some if not most would go uninsured.  With no requirement for a handyman to be insured the temptation is too great.  The thoughts become If I only do small jobs then I don’t need it.  or If I’m careful it will be fine.  The smart homeowner or business man realizes that it isn’t the amount or size of the job that determines the amount of damage that can be caused.  The truth is that the handyman can’t afford to be without insurance.  The cost is minimal in comparison to the rewards.  The insured handyman can charge more and in most cases the homeowner will gladly pay more for the piece of mind that their home and family are protected.  The UHA requires insurance from its members.  If you hire a UHA certified handyman then you can be sure that just like the DMV or mortgage companies the handyman is required to carry business liability insurance.   We even post a copy of their proof of insurance on our site for you to view even before you decide to call them.  Homeowners make sure your handyman is insured.  There is no reason to settle If every business is required to have a policy then the handyman will carry insurance from day one.  This is just one example of how the UHA is trying to make a difference in the home repair industry.  When you call a handyman the first questions should be 1. Do you have a proper business license?  2. Do you have insurance?  3. Are you certified by the UHA?  4. What is your UHA membership number or profile link?  If they cant answer yes to the first 3 questions then you should move on to the next one.  You want a handyman that cares enough about their business that reflects on how they do business.


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