Online Resume for the Handyman

Picture this, you call a handyman and you’re told yes we can take care of your needs I will send one of my guys.  You are expecting someone who you don’t know and you are trusting a company that you have never used before.  Expecting a handyman you know nothing about.  Are they qualified?  Do they have a criminal record?  Have they been screened by the company?  Now you call a Handyman certified by the UHA. You log on to and view the company profile.  You see a copy of their insurance, business license and confirm that they are certified and passed a background screening.  You see that they are covered by the UHA fraud protection and their workers are also UHA certified.  You ask the company rep on the phone who will you be sending to do my repairs.  After learning the name you search the UHA site and view a picture of the handyman, a list of qualifications and possibly a resume.  You confirm that the handyman is certified and are comfortable knowing that he passed the UHA screening.  You decide that this handyman is sufficient and you proceed with hiring the handyman.  The individual and business handyman memberships offered by the UHA make this possible.  The individual handyman may be looking for a job and his membership becomes an online resume.  Just another step in our efforts to improve the home repair industry one handyman at a time.

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