HANDYMAN INSURANCE AT ITS BEST. Homeowners guaranteed their money back.

    If you are like me then you pride yourself for your work and also having a business that is built on quality and trust. I formed the United Handyman Association with the same model as my Handyman Business. Always looking for what I could do to improve my work, my business and what I could do for my customers. The Association started with an idea of change. A voice for the Handyman to improve how the Handyman is received and recognized. But after some time, it wasn’t going to be enough, so I started listening and learning what both the Handyman and the Homeowner needed. How can I expect the Handyman to be treated like a real business if most of them aren’t a real business? What makes a real business? start with a business license, Insurance and a certification of some sort. I decided that the best certification would be to certify the Handyman business. So, to be certified you need a business license, Insurance and pass a background etc. But then there was a question of uncertainty. The state contractor boards are constantly telling the homeowner that their money isn’t safe with a non-licensed contractor. So, I challenged myself to come up with some kind of guarantee that would remedy that valid concern. We are not an insurance company so I can’t sell insurance that guarantees their work, so I have to be careful of how I proceed. Remembering the stories from homeowners regarding contractor issues that I have heard many times. When the contractor takes the money and doesn’t complete the job. The contractors board has nothing in place to help the homeowner. In fact, they recommend small claims court. Who wants to bother with that! Unless you want to meet Judge Judy. So how can I protect the homeowner’s money when they use a handyman. Remember I can’t call it Insurance, but I think, I have a certification I can guarantee. I can call it a protection, So I came up with Handyman Fraud Protection. A recovery protection that guarantees your customers that if they pay you for a service that is not completed by you then we pay them back for their loss.  How does it work? When a Handyman gets certified by us and opts for fraud protection, they make sure that every customer knows that they are protected by the UHA and when the customer is making a decision what Handyman to hire the choice will be the one that guarantees the job will be finished or their money back. Can everyone get certified? Every handyman can become a member and utilize the services of the UHA like Invoice collecting or business coaching but NO not every Handyman can get certified or Fraud Protection that’s what makes it so special to have. A certified Handyman is being rewarded for his quality behavior and business practices. Remember rather you are a member or certified to make sure that everyone knows by placing on all emails, Invoices and website. Happy home repairs and thank you to those already taking advantage of this amazing protection. Become a member at www.unitedhandymanassociation.org


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