So you want to become a Handyman

Becoming a handyman “The Man of Skill” is a great option for someone who is skilled in many areas and if you build a business structure and maintain communication and quality service you can make a great living. Watch the Daily Drive with Flash on YouTube.

Some things to keep in mind and you will succeed.

1. Be Patient, don’t expect too much success too quickly. The beginning of every business takes time. Matter of fact the reason most businesses fail is because people expect instant success.

2. Create realistic goals, don’t put yourself into a position to fail. Baby steps build a strong base. A strong base builds a lasting business.

3. Consider a part time start up. Having another job bringing in income makes it a lot easier to be patient enough to let your business grow.

4. Protect yourself and your family. Become certified by the UHA, Get Insurance, A business license. All of this will help you appear as a business who has it together, Charge more and make more when the customer feels good about you,

5. Make decisions for the future. Repeat business should be your business. Don’t take on anything that you aren’t ready for, your customer will appreciate your honesty.

6. Start with your community and network. Build your base close but be careful when working with friend and family. Follow your gut. Its ok to give a discount but not to be taken advantage of. (It usually goes one way for a handyman. example- your friend or relative doesn’t come home after serving food all day to hand you and menu.)  If you don’t make money, you won’t be good to anyone.

7. Don’t under sale yourself. You have a skill that is of value. It is hard to recover when others see you as cheap. You will find that your rate will dictate your client base. Charge what you are worth and show confidence in your abilities.

8. Talk to others in the industry learn from them. Join the UHA and take advantage of the support and business models that have already been successful for over 30 years.

9. Enjoy the ride, if you enjoy what you do then you are better off than most and it will reflect in your work and your attitude. Remember to be patient.

10. Recognize what works for you. Being a business owner and working for yourself takes a special type of person. Is it for you? Are you the type of person that needs a salary? Can you handle the ups and downs of business? Do you have the patients to build for the future? Do you have the patients deal with the customers? Yes, then Happy Home Repairs.


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