Reasons to use a UHA certified handyman

1. A Handyman that takes the initiative to become certified cares enough about his business to be professional from the start to finish of your job.

2. A certified Handyman is insured.  The UHA requires Insurance to be up to date and displays a copy of the companies insurance on the UHA website.

3. A certified Handyman has a license or certification that is required by the city or state that they are performing work in. The UHA monitors the status of each certified member.

4. A certified Handyman has been screened and has passed a background performed by the UHA.

5. A certified Handyman is traceable.  One of the issues with using an unlicensed handyman is the question what if things go wrong. Will they disappear? Can I find them?  If they are UHA certified you can.

6. Know who is coming to your door, The UHA gives you the information needed to be prepared.  If the Handyman business has employees that are certified then you will have access to a photo of the handyman on his way to your home.

7. Manageable disputes.  If something does go wrong and you can’t settle the disagreement yourselves the UHA offers dispute mediation that can save you $$ in court costs.

8. It is a privilege to become certified by the UHA.  A UHA certified business requires the handyman to have a level of business practices above the rest,  Our Excellence expected slogan is a requirement and any business that falls short of this standard loses their certified status.

9. Looking for a Handyman, search our database to find a handyman near you.

10. Love your handyman.  Help us get your handyman certified.

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