UHA Handymen are screened and certified

The UHA is a place where a Handyman can go through a screening process to get certified. Giving them the tools needed to gain customer trust. We are a place that the homeowner looking for a handyman can gain piece of mind that their handyman has passed a background screening and certified that their business is set up properly to protect not only the handyman’s business but the homeowner itself.  To become a certified member of the UHA is a privilege and only the handyman that takes great pride in his business will be excepted.  We at the UHA believe that the only way for us to be an association that is trustworthy is to have a strict membership process that filters out the handyman that we wouldn’t use and wont stand behind or recommend for others to use.  Since anyone that has skills with their hands can become a handyman regardless of past or present practices with no regulations in most states.  The UHA was founded to created a place to regulate and give the quality individual a way to shine and prove that he has the character and integrity to earn your trust as a potential customer. The truth is a Man can commit a crime of any nature and upon release become a handyman in your neighborhood. You deserve to know who you are hiring and allowing into your home with your children.  We are not saying that no one deserves a second chance after their crime was paid for, we treat everyone on an individual bases. What we are saying is that you have the right to know who you are hiring and should be able make that choice for yourself.  We hope that you help our efforts of improving the home repair industry by asking your handyman or future handyman to get certified by the UHA.

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