Spring Break to do list for your Handyman

Spring break is upon us and we are thinking about sunshine and warm weather fun.  Here are some handyman things that you can do to prepare your home for the summer.

1. Check and replace weather stripping on windows and doors as needed.

2. Check your attic fan to make sure the thermostat and fan are fully functional.

3. Replace your A/C filters

4. Turn the temperature down on your water heater.

5. Change the direction of your ceiling fans to circulate the air up instead of bringing the hot air down circulate it around the room.

6. Adjust your A/C thermostat so that the A/C is not coming on all day long when no one is home. if you have an automatic setting then you can set it to come on prior to you getting home to cool down your house right before you arrive.

7. Keeping an ice chest full of ice and beverages on a hot day will keep your refrigerator door from being opened all day. Saving energy costs and less wear and tear on your fridge


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