The U.H.A Is In Your Corner

If you have a handyman business or wish to start one then a membership to the UHA should be your next step.  Having the UHA in your corner could mean a world of difference.  The many benefits of becoming a certified handyman are unmatched by any other organization.  I have been in the handyman business for over 26 years.  I have found that the work was the easiest part.  Every handyman has a similar story.  Always had a knack for tools and repairing things.  I have had several employees over the years that have come to work for me to get experience.  After some time they all tried to spread their wings and go out on their own.  Most of the time they either came back because they realized that they were good at the work but the business side of it was not for them.  Owning a business is not for everyone, some people need to work for someone else and just collect a paycheck.  For those who want to be their own boss and own a business need a plan, goals to succeed.  I founded the UHA for just that, to be in your corner to offer the business support you need to succeed.  I have been giving advice to handymen for several years now.   Appearing on NBC news in 2001, I ran a Handyman Answers group on facebook that brought handyman questions from two countries.  Offering free advice to both the handyman and the homeowner.  Through the UHA I am sharing my experience in both the field and running successful businesses.  I believe that I have put together a team of professionals and an organization that will help any handyman succeed.  Having a certification and customers knowing that you are backed by the UHA gives them the piece of mind that could be the difference you need to get the job over the other guy every time.  We support you both physically and financially.  Every other legitimate trade has an association that brings them together.  Now every handyman can come together and take advantage of the many benefits.  We can help you with every aspect of your business or just offer you a certification that matters.

Flash Shelton H.D.
Founder of the UHA

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