Handyman Requirement

Have you or anyone you know ever been the victim of a bad handyman or contractor?  Did they misrepresent themselves? Misrepresenting is considered fraud.  If you enter into an agreement with a service provider under the assumption that you will be provided a certain type or quality service and the service provided falls short, then this might be considered fraud.  It happens and there is nothing you can do about it.  Wrong!! There is absolutely something you can do about it.  Require all your service providers to be certified by the UHA.  We can check them out, certify them and cover them for fraud. The cost to the homeowner is nothing but the benefit can be priceless.  Since the UHA pays the customer back for their loss in the case of fraud, The customer has options now to protect themselves.  Require all your service providers to carry a UHA or UHSPA certification prior to hiring them. Now if you are a victim it’s your fault.

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