State Farm Insurance vs the handyman

The UHA met with a State Farm Representative to discuss business liability insurance for the handyman.  The response was a bit unexpected but not surprising.  It wasn’t that long ago that a handyman couldn’t get insurance because it wasn’t considered a real trade. Although the handyman industry has come a long way of recent and insurance is available.  It seems that State Farm is still stuck in the past. The message was clear State Farm doesn’t insure the handyman. The reason given was ” Handyman is not a specific trade” or “We only insure specific trades”.  Handyman is a home repair professional and a necessary occupation for home repair. If a contractor has to perform a minimum of two trades and specialty contractors can only perform one trade per job then the handyman who can do one or more trades in the same visit is a valuable trade. Sounds pretty specific to me. We approached State Farm because we thought being teamed up with one of the largest insurance companies in the US would be a great benefit for our members but don’t be alarmed there are plenty of insurance companies that have turned the page to welcome the handyman.

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