Welcome to the UHA

Are you tired of being treated as if you are a sub par profession because you’re not a Licensed Contractor?
Are you tired of looking over your shoulder wondering if you’re doing things properly and if the next job will be a sting operation?
Have you noticed that every other profession has a union or association that seems to make them credible?
Are you aware that the laws are changing to slowly eliminate the Handyman?
Have you ever wondered if you could get certified and what that would mean for your business?
Are you interested in better insurance rates?
Would you feel more comfortable knowing you had a large group fighting for your rights?
Do you want to build a buisiness but need some help?
Did you know that the Handyman out weighs the Contractor atleast 3 to 1 and if we come together we can make changes?
Did you know that if you join the UHA it’s a tax write off and you will also save on other services like insurance?

The UHA can be the Big Brother you have been waiting for.
The founder of the UHA Flash Shelton has been in the construction/home repair business for over 26 years and
has done massive research and put a team of professionals together to help you with every aspect of your business.

Never allow a service professional in your home again without knowing all you can about the company or individual with our extensive Service professional screening and background checks.

Fraud protection guarantee if you use a Handyman that we Certify. If you have a Handyman that you use already we can do a certification screening of them for free.

We have an affiliate program so you get paid if you bring a member to the UHA.

We offer detailed instruction manuals if you want to do some jobs yourself.

Mediation services available also.


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