Handyman business coaching

Sometimes we need a boost to get started.  Sometimes we need help to get out of a rut.  We might be the best at what we do but have trouble with other parts of business.  If you’re a great handyman and your business is struggling or slow it might not have anything to do with the quality of your work.  Just like being to proud to ask for directions can leave you embarrassed and lost, not having the right business plan or structure can leave you with no one to show your handyman skills to.  All of the biggest companies and corporations in the world have business coaches or management teams.  Successful business owners recognize their weaknesses and concentrate on their strengths.  Learn to delegate your weaknesses.  Most people that start a service type business do so because the service part is their strength.  Maybe running the business part or knowing how, is their weakness and that’s why so many start and fail within their first year.  What is your strengths and weaknesses? Do you spend more time trying to figure out what or how to manage your business than you spend actually doing it.  Example: I bet when it comes to the service part you jump right in because it comes natural.  Maybe its time to refer to some help in the areas that you may need assistance so you can focus on what you do best.  The UHA can be your business coach.  Register as a member for free then order business coaching in the member area.  Phone and in person coaching available in some areas.  Here’s to the happy handyman.

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