Don’t invite strangers into your home

Handymen and home repair professionals are linked to crime every day from thefts and scams to kidnappings, rape and even murder.  If you could know everything about the home repair professional before you hire them, would that help you feel safe?  If you found out the handyman had a criminal history, would you hire him?  When you meet an electrician at Home Depot and think he seems nice, is that enough?  Isn’t that what every victim says…after the fact?  Everyday people take such precautions when it comes to protecting their children by teaching them not to talk to strangers, etc.  In reality, when you hire someone that you know little about you are, in fact, bringing a stranger into your home and, in turn, exposing your children to them.  Remember Elizabeth Smart?  She was just fourteen years old when she was kidnapped by their handyman.  Truth is, there is no place we should feel more secure than in our home.  Home professional screening by the U.H.A is the perfect solution.  Get your potential hire checked out by an organization that specializes in the home repair industry.  The U.H.A takes it one step further with a guarantee making it well worth being safe.  If the U.H.A screens a home professional and gives them a certified rating they then offer a fraud protection guarantee.  If the certified professional commits fraud toward you, the U.H.A will pay you back for your losses.  Food for thought: isn’t that a double benefit?  Know who you’re hiring and knowing your money is safe also.  Just become a member of the U.H.A and you qualify. If you have a handyman you already use, the U.H.A will do a certification screening on them for free.  Truth is, If they can’t be certified you should be asking yourself if you should be using them at all.  See you in the member area at the U.H.A.!

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