Why we don’t offer a lifetime membership.

Why don’t we offer a lifetime membership?

Because things are constantly changing. A business that can pass a background screening or be worthy of being a UHA member could change year to year.  Offering a membership and simply being able to say you are certified is worth nothing.  If you give nothing you get nothing. Think about it if you can simply pay a few hundred dollars and be able to say you are certified offers nothing but a name to call yourself. What does the customer get other then a fast talking salesman?

We offer a certification you have to earn, and in response we stand behind you and guarantee your customers that you are safe ethical and knowledgable. We offer you business resources and  even more we offer to pay your customer back if it goes wrong.

So I ask again what is being certified for life offering you or your customers?

Absolutely nothing!
Have you wasted your money becoming certified for life somewhere?  Are you telling your customers you are a certified handyman?

When they ask what does that mean, what do you tell them?

We screen our certified and verified members randomly and every year before offering a renewal. In turn we stand by them and fight for them.

Occasionally I have a customer try to file a claim to get up to $5k back as promised by the UHA. So far they all have not been certified by us.  So I have to tell them “I’m sorry but they are not UHA certified.
A  UHA Certification is so valuable if you utilize the benefits.


Happy Home Repairs

Flash Shelton

The UHA Team

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