United Handyman Association

Thank you for your interest in the UHA rather you are a handyman or a customer looking for a handyman we are a full service association for you. We provide all business support for the handyman including an opportunity to certify their business and skills. Our certification is backed by a $5k guarantee that says the UHA certified handyman you hire will complete the job he was hired to do in a professional manner or we will pay you back up to $5000.00 for your loss. (See fraud protection details) If you have a handyman the same applies. Join our MyHome program and bring your handyman to us for screening. If you ask him to become certified your MyHome fees are waived or returned to you. See MyHomes details at http://theuha.net/myhome  

Search for a Handyman in your area and if we don’t have one we will find and screen one for you for free. Join MyHome at http://theuha.net/myhome


The UHA is a full service association that works with you from start to finish. Remember every trade has an association. Now the handyman does too. Rather you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran we are here for you. The handyman has more issues than a licensed contractor simply because they aren’t recognized the same. Most states only regulate the types of jobs and amounts. Sometimes this causes more challenges like getting paid and feeling like you have to run under the radar. We are building an association of large numbers to fight for the handyman and make a difference for the handyman that is running a legitimate business. Joining the association will make a difference in how you do business and how others view you. The fees are very low and are tax deductible. If you are able to become certified then that will put you on another level that most seasoned handymen have only dreamed of. All levels of memberships come with unlimited leads free for life. Memberships range from just over a penny a day to .41 cents per day. You will have a full service concierge at your finger tips to help with anything you need rather it’s information or the association to intervene on your behalf. All services are guaranteed to bring you a return. If you utilize your membership and you don’t feel that it is worth the value then we will refund your money and your lifetime membership with leads will still remain active. Register your business today to get started for a one time fee of $25 at


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