Reno Handyman Services

Registered Handyman Since 1/24/2020

Currently Banned as a member due to fraudulent use of logos and claims of certification  see comments below


Terry Volz 

Terry Lee

Associated with Groves Construction, Nevada and California 

Facebook page @renohandymanservices                                                        

Business Since 2019

Phone # 775-502-2260     email-


Services offered- complete home repair services.

Locations- Reno, Nevada   Zip codes- 89501

UHA Certified No

UHA Verified- No

Business Lic–  No

Insurance–  No

Fraud ProtectionNo

Member Profiled- NA

 Business Documents


Service areas listed below


Comments: This business is posting information on their website that is not factual. Using logos claiming to be certified. No certification has been obtained by the individual or business. This business doesn’t carry the required business license and has no insurance. Hiring of this business should be done with caution. The UHA has no opinion of this business work ethic or skill level.

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