North Valleys Handyman Service, LLC

Certified Business Member Since June/2023


Tim Klippel                                                          

Business Since 2023


Phone # 661-403-4733



website- None

Services offered– See list below.

Locations- Canyon Country, Ca          Zip code- 91351

UHA Certified YES                                                       

Passed Certified Exam– YES

UHA Verified- YES

Business Accredited- YES

Business LicN/A

Insurance– YES

Fraud Protection– New Business

Member Profiled- NA

 Business Documents Verified

Driver’s License

EIN IRS Letter

COI Liability Insurance


Services offered-


Minor duct repairs/replacement

Seal ductwork and connections

Comfort balance airflow by installing and/or adjusting volume dampers.

Trouble shoot airflow issues.

Deep clean outdoor condenser units

Repair and/or replace condenser line set insulation.

Remove and/or install HVAC grills.

Change furnace filters

Install filter grills, install filter racks.

Install grill/duct/fan for whole house exhaust.



Faucet replacement

Faucet supply line replacement

Faucet shut off valve replacement.

Strainer basket replacement

Garbage disposal removal / replacement

Sink drain line repair / replacement.

Dishwasher drain line replacement.

Dishwasher supply line replacement

Bathroom sink pop-up stopper replacement

Bathroom sink pop-up drain replacement.

Caulk/seal sinks and countertops

Unclog sinks.


Bath / Shower

Shower head replacement

Caulk/seal bathtubs and showers



Replace toilet flush handle.

Replace toilet fill valve assembly.

Replace toilet flapper.

Replace toilet seat.

Replace toilet wax ring.

Replace toilets.

Caulk/seal toilet to floor


Misc Plumbing

Replace washing machine hoses / hose bibs.

Replace washing machine drain hoses.

Clean dryer/dryer vent



Replace ceiling fans.

Install ceiling fan rated electrical boxes.

Replace general lighting fixtures.

Replace outlets, switches.

Replace bathroom exhaust fans.

Replace wired smoke detectors.

Replace battery operated smoke detectors.



Adjust doorknobs / deadbolts.

Replace doorknobs / deadbolts.

Install weather stripping.

Install door stripping.

Adjust sticky doors (Hard to open/close)



Install new blinds.

Repair window springs

Repair window locks

Caulk around windows



Minor patch/paint (screws, nails, dings, dents)

Moderate drywall patching (1/4” to fist sized holes)

Major drywall patching (fist sized to suitcase sized)

Minor tape, float, texture, paint drywall in small areas



Repair squeaks / creaks in floor or stairs



Replace refrigerator water filters.

Dryer vent cleaning



Repair wooden fencing/gates

Assemble furniture.

Hang pictures, clocks.

Mount TV brackets

Install towel bars.

Install toilet paper holders.

Clean rain gutters (single story homes)

Service areas listed below.

91321, 91322, 91382, 91350, 91351, 91354, 91310, 91384, 91354, 91355, 91385, 91342, 93510, 93543, 93550, 93551, 93552, 91401, 91402, 91403, 91404, 91325, 91324, 91311


New member in good standing and Verified by the UHA

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