MyHome Customer Program

Looking for a handyman?  Who do you choose?  Let us take the guessing game out of your hands and screen them for you.

The handyman trade is un regulated by state due to contractor license structure. Because of this anyone can become a handyman regardless of criminal record or background. Therefore we are holding the handyman to a higher standard as an independent association. Since 2010 we have been certifying the handyman but have come to realize that only the handyman that can pass a background would volunteer to be checked, so we decided to come to you, the customer to screen your handyman to make a difference on a larger scale. Over the last few years we have done random checks and have found child predators, sex offender’s and worse so help us screen your handyman and eliminate the bad ones. If your handyman gets certified then your My Home membership becomes free. 

My Home membership Benefits (Customer Membership)   Sign up now

Free Membership if your handyman is or becomes certified.

  • Screen and monitor one handyman included.
  • Piece of mind hiring.
  • A resource for laws and regulations.
  • Home repair tips and advice.
  • Handyman Fraud protection.
  • Handyman Dispute Mediation
  • Search for a Handyman that fits your needs
  • Resources and useful materials for safe home service hiring. Including My Home Log.

My Home PLUS Membership

  • All the benefits of My Home and more.
  • Criminal background Screening your handyman included with PLUS.
  • Handyman concierge service. Let us help you find your next handyman.


We make sure the service professionals you hire are safe so you can concentrate on what you need done. We notify you if anything of concern pops up regarding your home professional.

We put our money where our mouth is. If you hire one of our certified Handymen and they commit fraud towards you.  (Take your money and run) We will pay you back for your loss. some conditions apply.

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