Ben’s HandyMan Inc

Registered Handyman Business member since 1/29/14

UHA Verified since 11/27/18

UHA Certified Handyman Since 8/14/18

BEN GARCIA                          License# HL2192629848                  

In Business Since 2008

Phone # 917-297-9848

Services offered– Property Maintenance and Repairs

Locations- Staten Island, NewYork    10312

UHA Certified- Yes                                                    

Passed Certified Exam– 1/13/22

Business Lic-  Yes

Insurance- Yes

Fraud Protection- Eligable

Member Profiled-  None

 Business Documents verified

Business License, Liability Insurance, Drivers License, Tax Id

3 references provided for referral screening.

Background and business verification completed to certify.


Passed Certified Exam 1/13/22

Business is in good standing and is certified by the UHA.



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