ACG Handyman Services

Registered Handyman Business member since Cancelled

UHA Verified Business Since- Not Verified (see below)

AARON GILSON                                                                

Business Since 2007

Phone # 402-689-1567      email-


Services offered- complete home repair services.

Locations- Nebraska   Zip codes- N/A

UHA Certified No

Business Lic–  No (This business doesn’t carry the required business license.)

Insurance  No COI provided upon request

Fraud ProtectionNo

 Verified Business Documents

No documents provided upon request. No Business documents to verify this business operating status.

Business comments

According to city where conducting this business must posses a city business license as a handyman. Caution using this business suggested as treated using an individual for hire not a business. Business Insurance coverage is with an understanding of proper business structure. With lack of required disclosure we are unable to verify this business. Check your own Liabilities in this manner.

No negative reports on this business at this time.


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