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WelcoUHAself1.5L2me to the UHA the trade Association for the Handyman.  We are an independent association that sets quality and standards for the handyman working together for a better industry. We offer the only Certified Handyman License program in the industry. Unmatched business support including dispute resolution to assist with the start up or the seasoned professional. Members have the option to become UHA Verified.  Becoming a member of a trade association has many benefits like Education, Resources, Research, Advocacy, and Networking.  Join the nationally respected License certification program where you certify your business and your skills to prove that you are truly an expert in your field with the License and the UHA behind you to prove it. 

 Think of your association membership as an investment in yourself and your career,

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin


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A Certified Life! 

Being certified and licensed by the UHA means more then taking a simple test and paying a fee.  The UHA Certified License is only given to businesses that prove to be within the standards of the UHA.  The slogan “Excellence Expected” refers to what customers can expect from its members.  Because the UHA offers a guarantee and stands behind its certified members they must have a properly structured business, insurance and pass background qualifications. Being certified by the UHA is an honor that the handyman works for with pride. The UHA was created to advocate and help improve the handyman industry by raising the expectations of the handyman professional.

Certified Licensed Businesses pass background and ethical screenings

  • National and Statewide criminal background check.
  • Criminal and Civil screenings
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Business and Principle screening
  • Business Document Verification
  • Insurance Verification
  • Customer Reference check
  •  Identity Verification

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Meet David the handyman,

My state doesn’t require a handyman to be licensed or need a business license. I was looking for a way to differentiate myself from so many other repair people around. I also wanted to do everything the right way and was looking for help to do that. I spent weeks doing research looking for an Association or Organization where I could be certified and provide an extra level of trust and credibility for my customers. Several options sounded good and were relatively inexpensive. I just didn’t feel they would be the right fit for what I needed. I didn’t want something where I just paid a fee and they sent me a certificate. Then I found UHA. After researching the organization and a lengthy conversation on the phone with the head (President) of the Association I realized they were exactly what I needed. I know I will not be disappointed as our relationship continues.

David Sweat, Owner Operator  

Dream to Reality Installation and Handyman Services

 Every other trade industry has an association for businesses to come together for a common goal.  The Handyman has the UHA.

For so many years the handyman has struggled to survive being treated as a second class business with low expectations. We are working toward changing the perception of the handyman with higher quality to deserve the highest expectations in the trade.

Certified License Guarantee If a service professional certified by the UHA  fails to complete the job they are paid for we will pay you (the customer) back up to $5000 for your loss. (see fraud protection for details)

What a full certified licensed member should expect from the UHA.

  • Welcome email explaining benefits
  • Handyman License certified by UHA
  • Online profile to advertise your business and show you’re certified
  • Access to member area and all resources
  • One on One phone business coaching (scheduled 1hr included)
  • Full use of certification logos, print, web and vehicle decals
  • $5000 fraud protection for your customers peace of mind
  • Full business support for start up or existing businesses
  • Dispute resolution, Collection and Mediation services
  • Find A Handyman referrals
  • Business forms
  • Access to member only Facebook group
  • Employee Background and screening services available at discount.
  • Payment System (optional for additional fees)
  • Earn money through our affiliate program, get paid for your referrals


Handyman Insurance

Insurance tailored to your needs as a handyman. No longer are you paying for high priced Insurance designed for the Licensed Contractor.

To run a responsible business you need to carry a liability insurance policy. The amount of coverage will vary depending on your needs. We will help you determine the coverage you need and help you get insurance.  

Homeowners are putting their trust into the handymen they hire. It is important that handymen have the protection they need to protect their business and more importantly their customers.  Next Insurance, Inc has made it simple for handymen to get insurance designed for handymen. The UHA encourages its members to take a closer look at Next for their insurance needs. Get your Discounted Members quote Click Here 

 Check this link out to see the fees a Licensed Contractor pays http://www.cslb.ca.gov/generalinformation/library/fees.asp

California General Contractor requirements that can make it illegal to do some handyman work. What every home owner should know!








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