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Lets make the process simple. Go to www.theuha.net and search your zip code or handyman in the upper right hand corner. If you don’t find one near you then we will help you find one. Already have a handyman then we will screen him for you anonymously. Through our MyHome program we screen your in regulated Handyman to make sure he is safe to be in your home and qualified for your job. We verify that he has the business documents required to run a business. We check and verify that he has and maintains Insurance. We are all business so you can be relaxed and have the more personal relationship you enjoy with your handyman.

Remember that when you hear about something bad happening involving a handyman there are always several customers on the sidelines talking about how they trusted him and never would have thought this could happen. You only know what he tells you. Licensed Contractors go through a vetting process. Now the handyman can too but because they aren’t required by city or state they need to be required by you the customer.

Join MyHome and let us screen your handyman and we will make sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.

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MyHome by the UHA




The handyman trade is un regulated by state due to contractor license structure. Because of this anyone can become a handyman regardless of criminal record or background. Therefore we are holding the handyman to a higher standard as an independent association. Since 2010 we have been certifying the handyman but have come to realize that only the handyman that can pass a background would volunteer to be checked, so we decided to come to you, the customer to screen your handyman to make a difference on a larger scale. Over the last few years we have done random checks and have found child predators, sex offender’s and worse so help us screen your handyman and eliminate the bad ones. If your handyman gets certified then your My Home membership becomes free. #SafeHomeNow

My Home membership Benefits (Customer Membership)   Sign up now

Free Membership if your handyman becomes certified.

  • Screen and monitor your handyman included free.
  • Piece of mind hiring.
  • A resource for laws and regulations.
  • Home repair tips and advice.
  • Handyman Fraud protection.
  • Handyman Dispute Mediation
  • Search for a Handyman that fits your needs
  • Resources and useful materials for safe home service hiring. Including My Home Log.

My Home PLUS Membership

  • All the benefits of My Home and more.
  • Screen and monitor your handyman for free+ two more home service professionals included for free.
  • Handyman concierge service. Let us help you find your next handyman.

We verify and monitor your handyman’s insurance

We make sure the service professionals you hire are safe so you can concentrate on what you need done. We notify you if anything of concern pops up regarding your home professional.

We put our money where our mouth is. If you hire one of our certified Handymen and they commit fraud towards you.  (Take your money and run) We will pay you back for your loss. some conditions apply.

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HANDYMAN INSURANCE AT ITS BEST. Homeowners guaranteed their money back.

    If you are like me then you pride yourself for your work and also having a business that is built on quality and trust. I formed the United Handyman Association with the same model as my Handyman Business. Always looking for what I could do to improve my work, my business and what I could do for my customers. The Association started with an idea of change. A voice for the Handyman to improve how the Handyman is received and recognized. But after some time it wasn’t going to be enough so I started listening and learning what both the Handyman and the Homeowner needed. How can I expect the Handyman to be treated like a real business if most of them aren’t a real business. What makes a real business? start with a business license, Insurance and a certification of some sort. I decided that the best certification would be to certify the Handyman business. So to be certified you need a business license, Insurance and pass a background etc. But then there was a question of uncertainty. The state contractor boards are constantly telling the homeowner that their money isn’t safe with a non licensed contractor. So I challenged myself to come up with some kind of guarantee that would remedy that valid concern. We are not an Insurance company so I can’t sell insurance that guarantees their work so I have to be careful of how I proceed. Remembering the stories from homeowners regarding contractor issues that I have heard many times. When the contractor takes the money and doesn’t complete the job. The contractors board has nothing in place to help the homeowner. In fact they recommend small claims court. Who wants to bother with that! Unless you want to meet Judge Judy. So how can I protect the homeowners money when they use a handyman. Remember I cant call it Insurance but I think, I have a certification I can guarantee. I can call it a protection, So I came up with Handyman Fraud Protection. A recovery protection that guarantees your customers that If they pay you for a service that is not completed by you then we pay them back for their loss.  How does it work? When a Handyman gets certified by us and opts for fraud protection they make sure that every customer knows that they are protected by the UHA and when the customer is making a decision what Handyman to hire the choice will be the one that guarantees the job will be finished or their money back. Can everyone get certified? Every handyman can become a member and utilize the services of the UHA like Invoice collecting or business coaching but NO not every Handyman can get certified or Fraud Protection that’s what makes it so special to have. A certified Handyman is being rewarded for his quality behavior and business practices. Remember rather you are a member or Certified to make sure that everyone knows by placing on all emails, Invoices and website. Happy home repairs and thank you to those already taking advantage of this amazing protection. Become a member at www.unitedhandymanassociation.org


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Handyman Business Truths

Is being a handyman the job for you?

Here is a check list to help you decide.

1. Good with your hands.

2. Have a knack for fixing things. When you take things apart you actually are able to put it back together. Not a talent shared by most. Seems simple for you.

3. Looking for a job that will give you flexibility.  You decide when to work and when to play.

4. No Salary, no set income. Never know what money is coming in. Life of the self employed. Can you remain calm and stress free knowing inside that it all works out even when your pocket is empty?

5. There are only so many hours in a day and not enough sometimes to afford what you want. Keeping it simple has some advantages but unless you expand to hiring help the riches will escape you. How important is money to you? What is spending time with your family worth to you? You will make a decent living if you get past the first 5 years but on your own you will never be wealthy.

6. The work can be rewarding in itself. The feeling of accomplishment when you have built something or figured out the cause of the problem is hard to explain but is sure to be a good reason to move from project to project.

7. Part of the Family. Being a handyman puts you in a personal connection with your customer like part of the family sometimes. Invited to family events and always greeted with a warm reception. Feeling appreciated is a rewarding feeling that the average office worker never has the benefit of. If you are in business long enough you will watch your future customers grow up knowing you will be there for them when they need you.

If you got past that and you still feel that being a handyman is something that interests you then start your adventure. It is easy to start a handyman business with very little money, staying in business and being successful is the real challenge. If you have the benefit of another paying job while you build your customer base will be helpful so please don’t run out and quit your job. Start out on evenings and weekends. Figure out a marketing niche that works for you. You can join the UHA to get more business through our customer search or some business coaching if you need some more help. If you succeed as a handyman then we succeed as an industry so reach out and let us help you.


Good Luck Handyman!!

Here is the first Daily Drive with Flash video.


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Rather its time to hire a handyman or its a handyman deciding who to work for.  The best referral you have is from your gut.

Regardless of UHA certification you need to hire people that you feel good about. You get a sense of someone when you meet them or talk to them. A feeling about them that no referral can help you with. Just because your friend has a good experience with a handyman or contractor doesn’t mean that you will. Too many people hire someone because of a referral and then don’t understand why they don’t have the same warm and fuzzy experience. Because we all aren’t robots! We have different taste and personalities that don’t always mix well with each other. Sometimes people rub us the wrong way without any reason or explanation, no matter how well their work is the perception is blurred. I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone and in attempt you may not please anyone. Excepting the fact that not everyone is going to like you is a hard thing for some people to except but when you do, it allows you to surround yourself with like minded people and the warm fuzzy experience is back for you as the home owner and for the handyman or contractor.  I recommend to the handyman and contractor to follow the same gut rather when it comes to who to work for or what job to take. to pay attention to their inner feeling. Sometimes walking away from a job is better then taking on a job that might go bad. Maybe its a job that they shouldn’t be doing, maybe they don’t have enough experience to take on that project. Be honest and talk your way out of the job and you will be appreciated more and receive more work from the trust you just built. Sometimes the person that is the hardest to be honest with is ourselves. So rather you are in the position of hiring or being hired, listen to yourself and go with your gut it never fails.

Flash Shelton H.D.

Watch THE DAILY DRIVE with Flash on YouTube

Follow your gut


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So you want to become a Handyman

Becoming a handyman “The Man Of Skill” is a great option for someone who is skilled in many areas and if you build a business structure and maintain communication and quality service you can make a great living. Watch the Daily Drive with Flash on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utHCewVaBTw 

Some things to keep in mind and you will succeed.

1. Be Patient, Don’t expect too much success to quickly. The beginning of every business takes time. Matter of fact the reason most businesses fail is because people expect instant success.

2. Create realistic goals, Don’t put yourself into a position to fail. Baby steps build a strong base. A strong base builds a lasting business.

3. Consider a part time start up. Having another job bringing in income makes it a lot easier to be patient enough to let your business grow.

4. Protect yourself and your family. Become certified by the UHA, Get Insurance, A business license. All of this will help you appear as a business who has it together, Charge more and make more when the customer feels good about you,

5. Make decisions for the future. Repeat business should be your business. Don’t take on anything that you aren’t ready for, Your customer will appreciate your honesty.

6. Start with your community and network. Build your base close but be careful when working with friend and family. Follow your gut. Its ok to give a discount but not to be taken advantage of. (It usually goes one way for a handyman. example- your friend or relative doesn’t come home after serving food all day to hand you and menu.)  If you don’t make money you wont be good to anyone.

7. Don’t under sale yourself. You have a skill that is of value. It is hard to recover when others see you as cheap. You will find that your rate will dictate your client base. Charge what you are worth and show confidence in your abilities.

8. Talk to others in the industry learn from them. Join the UHA and take advantage of the support and business models that have already been successful for over 30 years.

9. Enjoy the ride, If you enjoy what you do then you are better off then most and it will reflect in your work and your attitude. Remember to be patient.

10. Recognize what works for you. Being a business owner and working for yourself takes a special type of person. Is it for you? Are you the type of person that needs a salary? Can you handle the ups and downs of business? Do you have the patients to build for the future. Do you have the patients deal with the customers? Yes then Happy Home Repairs.


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The United Handyman Association Mission Statement

The Mission of the UHA is to be an association for all handymen to come together for a common goal. We will strive for an improved industry and a better life for the handyman through persistence and strength together. We strive to certify all handymen that consider themselves to be a true business and is in pursuit of more for himself and for the industry in a whole. We offer all the tools needed to start and to run a successful business with proven success. We vow to leave no deserving handyman behind and will include every handyman without prejudice regardless of ability to pay. We vow to report on all handyman businesses equally and without prejudice to maintain an ethical and unbiased organization.

The UHA team


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Spring Break to do list for your Handyman

Spring break is upon us and we are thinking about sunshine and warm weather fun.  Here are some handyman things that you can do to prepare your home for the summer.

1. Check and replace weather stripping on windows and doors as needed.

2. Check your attic fan to make sure the thermostat and fan are fully functional.

3. Replace your A/C filters

4. Turn the temperature down on your water heater.

5. Change the direction of your ceiling fans to circulate the air up instead of bringing the hot air down circulate it around the room.

6. Adjust your A/C thermostat so that the A/C is not coming on all day long when no one is home. if you have an automatic setting then you can set it to come on prior to you getting home to cool down your house right before you arrive.

7. Keeping an ice chest full of ice and beverages on a hot day will keep your refrigerator door from being opened all day. Saving energy costs and less wear and tear on your fridge


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Reasons to use a UHA certified handyman

1. A Handyman that takes the initiative to become certified cares enough about his business to be professional from the start to finish of your job.

2. A certified Handyman is insured.  The UHA requires Insurance to be up to date and displays a copy of the companies insurance on the UHA website.

3. A certified Handyman has a license or certification that is required by the city or state that they are performing work in. The UHA monitors the status of each certified member.

4. A certified Handyman has been screened and has passed a background performed by the UHA.

5. A certified Handyman is traceable.  One of the issues with using an unlicensed handyman is the question what if things go wrong. Will they disappear? Can I find them?  If they are UHA certified you can.

6. Know who is coming to your door, The UHA gives you the information needed to be prepared.  If the Handyman business has employees that are certified then you will have access to a photo of the handyman on his way to your home.

7. Manageable disputes.  If something does go wrong and you can’t settle the disagreement yourselves the UHA offers dispute mediation that can save you $$ in court costs.

8. It is a privilege to become certified by the UHA.  A UHA certified business requires the handyman to have a level of business practices above the rest,  Our Excellence expected slogan is a requirement and any business that falls short of this standard loses their certified status.

9. Looking for a Handyman, search our database to find a handyman near you.

10. Love your handyman.  Help us get your handyman certified.

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UHA Handymen are screened and certified

The UHA is a place where a Handyman can go through a screening process to get certified. Giving them the tools needed to gain customer trust. We are a place that the homeowner looking for a handyman can gain piece of mind that their handyman has passed a background screening and certified that their business is set up properly to protect not only the handyman’s business but the homeowner itself.  To become a certified member of the UHA is a privilege and only the handyman that takes great pride in his business will be excepted.  We at the UHA believe that the only way for us to be an association that is trustworthy is to have a strict membership process that filters out the handyman that we wouldn’t use and wont stand behind or recommend for others to use.  Since anyone that has skills with their hands can become a handyman regardless of past or present practices with no regulations in most states.  The UHA was founded to created a place to regulate and give the quality individual a way to shine and prove that he has the character and integrity to earn your trust as a potential customer. The truth is a Man can commit a crime of any nature and upon release become a handyman in your neighborhood. You deserve to know who you are hiring and allowing into your home with your children.  We are not saying that no one deserves a second chance after their crime was paid for, we treat everyone on an individual bases. What we are saying is that you have the right to know who you are hiring and should be able make that choice for yourself.  We hope that you help our efforts of improving the home repair industry by asking your handyman or future handyman to get certified by the UHA.

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