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It amazes me how many people I talk to or sign up with the UHA that claim to have been in business for 10-15 years and have no actual business. No business license, no insurance, no business structure whatsoever. So my question to you.  Is this good for our trade? Do you think that it is ok for someone to do business without the responsibility of doing business? Most cities require a business license at the minimum to practice as a business. Although it is not mandatory for a handyman to carry insurance unless you have employees. It is good practice and expected for all businesses to carry insurance. It is assumed that you have insurance and you are required to offer the information if you don’t. Most handymen act on a if they don’t ask don’t tell policy. You say you are running an ethical business yet you let your customers believe that you actually have a business. When in fact not having a business gives them the same rights as when they are dealing with a little girls lemonade stand.  So what is the right thing to do? Should there be regulations for the handyman? Not just how much they can make or what they can do. For those of you that run a proper business without the state on you about it I applaud you and give you a big thumbs up. You are the ethical handyman business owner that I know will do what’s right since you know you can get away with something but you have integrity. I’m happy to certify and stand behind you and appreciate you as a part of our trade. For those of you that just try to slip by undetected I hope it’s just negligence or you don’t know better and its not because you have something to hide that prevents you from getting a job anywhere that runs a background. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on this if you would like to vent also or just tell me anything you need to get off your chest.

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  1. hometek is gonna break ice right from the hate to waist anyone’s time..I’m consider myself a self educated man.that family and friends by storm.first at 17 I was sentence to a prison.term I was paroled at 25yrs old.i took computer refurbishing and repairs.1 yr.the rest I worked in the law library. I was known as the library dude .in 98 I’m release .I work at mom’s nursery for 4 months.i sign up at ittech I get construction job.4 months later I’m lead framer.have a framing making over 1000 a week.ijob ends I go work for a contractor custom homes.summer of 99 I work on two schools in oct.that year I get hired at foreman.i resigned in 07 as project superintendent.i ran 2 to 10bjobs at a time 2 to 40 ranged from 5k to millions.i did from initial to compketion… creager was a fire watermold remediation did water proofing and reconstruction.hoa communities.certied by osha.asbestos handling.forklift driver.cpr.all those good cracking 80k plus bonus..I’m at a carrer never imagined.all that reading .just came rushing to me and everything seemed easy.i employed all and every convict coming home.i was had the best team company had 1000 employees by 2005.when I started we where 40…convicts or ex felons.are deciplined those who provide work.long story in March 07.i owned 7 homes and was started mendoza const with a sibling.which didn’t right there I decided though I was called to return back to dreager my pride said no..I went solo.i have the potential skills to build an empire.provide work.soon.i marked for 2008.www is moving fast background checks is here.and my nightmare 46 I never returned back.i get job offers like crazy.i can run a company a jobsite but the minute I go build a fence for myself I’m not licence competent etc.getting contractor licence good luck.what is one like me to do.i go underground.i have everything I need business license insurance I stay small I love what I do.i have clients.galore.i treat every client like family.i always give extra work.i work on homes like my own.i take pride on everything I touch .I can sell work like no tomorrow .and I’m felon.according to this day.any time I get pulled over it comes tired of having to explain 1993.when does my time end..I gave 7 years of my life…that’s why I’m here.after this if I’m a liability to this company association.i will get up and move on.i will continue my battle with cslb.i beat them once already…i will again.this is for those less fortunate. The revolving door is intentional.i never went back because i learned that there’s always a back door.
    In closing I say to those wanting to join.have your shit ready license is less than 100 bucks fictitious is 50 60 a month..get Ein number for taxes..I think it should be mando.must have basics.if not uha will be looking bad soon enough.i honestly believe that to be a handyperson.its equivalent to a general contractor.or more..u cannot know one trade and call yourself handy..handy man deserves respect .goes beyond house repairs.goes into automotive.electronics..I think there should be a simple but convincing exam or interview of those wanting to be certified….peace out..

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